About Us

The Heritage Way

We are all defined by our actions.
Our decisions. 
Our word. 

We are, as a community, defined by our partnerships.
Our traditions.
Our supportive approach. 

We are, as an organization, defined by our people.
Their expertise.
And we foster empowerment when and where it counts the most: as employees face customers directly.

We are, as a group, defined by our combined heritage.
Our openness to follow the best practices.
To implement innovative systems.
And to welcome the initiatives from savvy thinkers everywhere.

All with one common goal: challenging ourselves to continuously improve.

Because ultimately, we are defined by our ability to offer our customers better and safer solutions, in all of our communities.

And by sharing our experience and strength, we are much more than a community bank.

We are a community of banks.

Read our company story to learn more about Heritage Bank.

Our Values

Our actions speak for themselves.


Our employees operate with honesty and integrity.


We behave professionally and ethically with commitment and respect for others.


We are committed to customer service excellence and high ethical standards.


We communicate honestly and openly with one another, customers, and shareholders. 


We are proud to participate actively in the communities we serve.

Our Mission

We are committed to being the best commercial community bank in the pacific northwest by continuously improving:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee empowerment
  • Community investment
  • Shareholder value

Our Locations

We live and work in the communities we serve.

Throughout the Pacific Northwest, our full-service branches are located from Portland, Oregon to Bellingham, Washington, and in the Yakima Valley. On Whidbey Island, we operate under the name Whidbey Island Bank, a division of Heritage Bank.